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Parallel CPA offers multiple services for both personal and corporate clients; from personal taxes to full CFO services based in Victoria, BC.

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Teammate highfiving about personal accounting for taxes

Personal Tax

Personal taxes are as individual as clients themselves. We work closely with you to understand your needs. We take a proactive, hands-on approach. We closely follow existing and proposed tax legislations to determine how it will affect your individual tax situation and make sure you're getting the credits you deserve.

Business accounting and corporate taxes

Corporate, Estate & Trust Tax

Businesses require financial statements for owners, managers, investors and financial institutions. We have the resources and experience necessary to ensure that you not only remain compliant, but are able to understand where you've come from and help you get where you want to get to.

Cloud Bookkeeping services

Cloud Bookkeeping

Shoe boxes are for shoes (or dioramas). We approach bookkeeping and payroll with a modern and ever-evolving approach, bridging accounting theory with technology to thrive. Parallel CPA helps sole proprietors, small businesses, and not-for-profits implement cloud-based workflows and perform consistent, accurate bookkeeping.

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Business Accounting Management Services

Business / Contract CFO

We are here to help you grow your business without feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing challenges of financial planning and regulatory compliance. We provide CFO services to help organizations of all sizes, and industries. Our financial service professionals assist with virtually all operational and planning services: financial stewardship, cash flow projection, break-even analysis, bank loans analysis and impacts, budgeting, strategic business planning, benchmarking, and more.

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Startup company accounting services

Startup Management

Running a business is based on the bottom line. The success of your startup is based on efficient budget management, balancing the books and modifying financial strategies when needed. Effective accounting practices and good financial management are some of the core fundamentals to a business's success.

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Accounting Software help

Accounting Software Setup

The key to bookkeeping success is starting off right. Through education and experience, we have become specialists in building "tech stacks" - a combination of third party applications working together through our processes to increase efficiencies and audit-proof your books. We've done the research for you. Let us help discover what will work best for you and your business, and get you rolling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at our first meeting?
Our initial consultation is always free. This includes a short sit-down appointment to discuss your needs as a personal tax or corporate tax, year-end or cloud-based bookkeeping client.
Where will my first meeting take place?
We believe that it is important to understand your business as much as possible, and we are always available to come to you. For personal tax clients, we are available to meet via Zoom, on the phone or at our office – whichever is more convenient.
What do I need to bring with me for my first appointment?
For tax related appointments, please provide your previous year’s personal and/or corporate tax returns. We would also appreciate receiving any legal incorporation documents including:
- Certificate of Incorporation
- Articles of Incorporation
- Notice of Incorporation
- Up-to-date Central Securities Register
How long will it take to process my personal tax return?
For an uncomplicated personal tax return, our general turn around time is a few days.
What types of client’s do you work with?
We work with all types of clients including personal tax clients, small- to medium-sized corporate clients, not-for-profit clients, and bookkeeping clients.
How do you bill me?
Normally, we invoice at the end of an engagement. Depending on the complexity of the work to be performed and an individual client’s situation, we may request a retainer.

Please refer to our price page for more information on our estimated cost per engagement.

Note: We currently accept cash, cheque and Interac e-transfers.